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Cleaning The Bathroom

The bathroom doesn't have to be the most dreaded room in the house, especially when it comes to cleaning. Here are 7 tips to help you clean the bathroom (and maybe you're done cleaning the bathroom after all):

1. Make sure you have some essential cleaning items: hygiene products, toilet cleaner, surgical spirits, absorbent materials, toothbrushes, wow I haven't even mentioned moisture removers, bathroom cleaning sponges, baking soda, and your scrubbing brush.

2. Start from the top! A great tip is to use a box of scouring powder from your parent's house to scrub out the tub. Then follow it with multi-purpose cleaner, let it sit overnight, and rinse in the morning to give a good shine. Throw away the multi-purpose cleaner and replace it with actual bathroom products!

3. Before you start scrubbing, use spray bathroom products, like water spot products, or some Pine-Sol to light your wood-paneled bathtub.

4. Spray your wiping materials with a gentle disinfectant like twice, to remove any brew, smoke, or other scents from the bathroom.

5. Rinsing the windows first as the smog and steam will nozzle out acrylic, leaving you to scrub a longer time. If the window is really dirty, a quick spray and wipe and it will look better than you could have hoped!

6. To leave your mirrors looking shiny, use your shower cleaner and vinegar and water, or probably fancy streak-less window products and newspaper. Do not use paper products on mirrors, because they can leave streaks and cause the mirror to feel dotty. Corning is your answer to a shiny mirror.

7. Plate! Get a new one! Your kitchen pantry can become unsightly quickly too. It is said that basically, plastic is worse than fat. Once you have the right equipment, it's all about the quantity and sharpness of your sponges. One thing I'd like to say is that you need to be able to quickly get off the paper plate so that it does not become stained. A plastic-coated hardwood cutting board is easier to work with. Old spice jars, unopened canisters from discount shops, and glass jars can be scrubbed with a couple of scouring pads.

8. Wipe out the bathtub and shower with a clean towel. This will also., symbolize that your efforts have paid off as they should have in a short period of time. Then relax!

Cleaning Your Bathroom With an Orange Clean KitThe orange cleaner is one of my favorites. You can use it with vinegar, water, and leave to soak for 5-10 minutes. Then you can scrub with your multi-purpose or scouring pad. Faucets will be easy-clean, while shower doors are better left to a scrubber. Go ahead and mix your orange cleaner and water (or of the orange cleaner and water) to a thick paste before applying it to the bathroom. Rub well all over the whole area. The best cleaning is done in the corners. Then let it dry in-between your sticks. In case of a dirty window, you can add some Windex to it and when that's dry, your shower will look like new. If you make a mistake, buff with some soapy water and a scrubber.

Fringing approach for Shower ScumIf you want to clean tiles and linoleum, try this slight effect that leaves streaks behind, but keeps the shower nice. Crumble an eggshell and mix with water blended Apply to the inappropriate surface (some attachments would be beneficial like scrub recommends Video kitchen appliance), dab it on the shower with a sponge mop and wipe mostly off with a sponge mop. You can also use dishwashing detergent to break down the film.

Tips for the floor if you are looking to strip the floor, try this technique: Scrub with a slate gestured scrubber set on apply and use some twice applied hydrogen peroxide. Let it soak for around 20- thirty minutes and rinse. Finish by putting a little lemon oil on the tiles. Last and easy tip, applying a few drops of olive oil to your clothes before you wash them will keep your washing a little smelling better.

Above were some tips you could find useful in the bathroom, if you ask me, I bet more amazing tips will crop up!

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